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Everyone has what is called a 'right to confidentiality' when they see a health care professional. That means that we are not allowed to tell anyone that you have been to see us, or what you have talked about. This even applies to close family members such as partners or parents. All members of the surgery staff, including receptionists, work under the same rules. We take this very seriously indeed.

If you're very concerned, then you don't have to give us your address, or even your real name. We can assure you, however, that your right to confidentiality will be respected.

There are very, very rare exceptions to this rule, when a doctor is allowed to tell someone else when they are concerned about you. This is if you are doing something to significantly harm others (eg. driving with uncontrolled epilepsy) or if we are worried that a vulnerable young person is being abused or exploited. In practice, this situation arises extremely rarely, and nothing would be done without discussing it with the person involved.


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