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Sexual Health Screening

Anyone who's having sex needs to have regular sexual health screening (testing for STIs, or Sexually-Transmitted Infections).

It's especially important if you are having sex without a condom, if you are concerned that your partner may be sleeping with someone else, or if you are worried that your partner has symptoms of a sexually-transmitted infection.

Remember, though, that you may have an infection and have no symptoms at all.


If you just want a screen but have no symptoms it may be much simpler than you think.

For men, all you may have to do is pee into a pot. For women, you may be given a swab (like a long cotton wool bud) to take yourself.

Call us if you want to make an appointment on:

Lewes clinic - 01273 480888

Rye clinic - 01797 223333

If you are 16-24, would like a screen and can't come to the clinic then you can even get a test online at


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