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Under 16s

At The Circle Room, we’re happy to see anyone, it really doesn’t matter how old you are. Everyone has a right to confidentiality when they see a health care professional (eg. a doctor or nurse).

That means that the doctor is not allowed to tell anyone (eg. your parents, friends or teachers) what you’ve talked about, or even that you have been to see them. We can reassure you that under 16s have just the same right to confidentiality as anyone else.

These rules apply to all of our staff, including receptionists and nurses, and are taken very seriously. Even if you know them or recognise them, or if they know your parents, they are not allowed to tell anyone that you have been to see us. If you are worried, you don’t need to tell us your address, or even your real name.

There are some rules, though, that we have to follow. If we’re giving you contraception, we need to be sure that you are mature enough to understand what you are taking and the possible risks.

Very, very rarely, we have a right to tell someone if we are worried about you. That applies only in a situation when we feel you might be being abused or exploited. Even if this does happen, we would never do it without discussing it with you first.


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